Co-living Forest Gate


We are seeking future residents for our first low-rent co-living community in Forest Gate, East London.

The development will be made up of double studios that will cost £650 per month exclusive of bills. If you are interested in renting a studio and in helping design them.


The Development

Our new low-rent housing scheme is due to be completed in late 2018. It will be located within 5 minutes' walk from the new Elizabeth line train station in Forest Gate.

This will be an innovative new development in which residents can share space and resources. They will also have greater control over the management of their living environment, which may include space that can generate revenue for the co-living community, e.g. a café.

Each unit of accommodation will be approximately 19m square and will contain an ensuite shower and toilet as well as a kitchen area. There will be a generous amount of communal space including several kitchens, a work space and dedicated accommodation areas for visiting friends and family.



  • To create low-rent co-living studios, which occupants can manage through the use of modern technology such as smartphone apps.
  • To create a development in which the landlord’s involvement will be limited to simple regulatory aspects such as health and safety and licencing.
  • To produce a design that values how a building feels to live in more than solely its appearance. The developer refers to this user experience as a “sense of being”
  • To develop a design that encourages community interaction without requiring residents to give up their privacy.
  • To create a building that is designed to age well with the minimal amount of maintenance.
  • To produce a design that focuses on a holistic, sustainable approach and allows residents to share space and resources.

A Consultation

We are seeking to consult potential occupants on the design and management of our communal development. 

The development is currently in the design process and a Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) competition has been launched to select a winning design. Your views and feedback will influence the RIBA judging panel.  



Email: giving us the following information:

  1. Your name

  2. Your mobile number

  3. Your current address

  4. Your current occupation

  5. Your higher education (if appropriate) and when you completed it

  6. A short statement about what you would like to gain from being part of a co-living community. You may also critically comment on the developer’s vision

  7. Where you heard about bedü